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Laser Engraveable Cliches

Laser engraveable polymer.  Create imaged cliches fast with your Co2 laser source.  TNT can provide you with the laser parameters to get you started,


Low cost metal cliches designed to be imaged with a fiber or yag laser.  If your company uses a large quantity of cliches, this is the product for you.  TNT offers a 20W fiber laser specifically for imaging these cliches.


The same quality material as the red cliches.  If you are currently getting blue cliches from one of our competitors, please contact us for samples.


Conventional Cliches

TNT Distributors also offers all of the conventional cliches that you may prefer.  

Water/Wash Polymer - .043"-.073" thickness.

Alcohol/Wash Polymer - .043" - .073" thickness.

TNT can also supply you with both thin steel, and 1/4" or 3/8" thick steel cliches.  Please contact us for artwork requirements and lead times.

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TNT Distributors

Pad Printing, Machinery and Supplies


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