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Tooling Fixtures for Pad Printing

  • Part holding fixtures produced in a variety of materials, in any quantity required.

Plate Making Systems

  • Large or Small polymer plate exposure systems
  • Plate processing kits
  • Depth control screen
  • Developing solution
  • Etching pads
  • Processing trays

Surface Treatment Systems

  • Flame pre/post cure systems

Pin-registered, Magnetic Steel Sub-plates

  • Used with thin steel or photopolymer plates.

Ceramic Doctoring Rings

  • Double sided ceramic rings last twice as long as single sided rings.
  • Can be easily flipped over and extend thin steel and polymer plate life.

Doctor Blades

  • Single bevel
  • Double bevel
  • Stepped edge
  • Available in any length, height and thickness.

Ink Mixing Cups and Mixing Sticks

  • Used to mix ink and auxiliaries prior to printing.

Solvent Bottles

  • Spill free, safe way to add solvents to ink mixture.
  • Eliminates spillage which occurs when pouring solvents from large containers.

EasiSolv 120 Solvent Cleaner

  • Non-hazardous
  • Fast drying
  • Formulated to effectively dissolve and remove printing inks from screen printing mesh, squeegees, flood bars, pad printing plates and presses.
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TNT Distributors

Pad Printing, Machinery and Supplies


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